Nat Geo Assignment: While on a Walk…

Nat Geo Assignment: While on a Walk... - Kristian Bertel
Walking men, India submitted to ‘While on a Walk…’ on National Geographic.



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Kristian Bertel has contributed to the National Geographic Your Shot community with an assignment called ‘While on a Walk…‘. This assignment curated by David Y. Lee, a producer at Nat Geo Your Shot is inviting us to to share photos taken while on a walk — from our commute to work to an evening walk with the family to an epic climb over the peak of a mountain, he wants to go on a walk with us.

As Dan is saying it: ”- With no final destination other than to return home, I wandered around for 30 minutes. I found myself walking slower on the streets I normally rush on to get somewhere. It was so beautiful. It was meditative. I found myself very present. And then I saw a mural I have passed hundreds of times. This time — with the way the snow was falling, the way I was feeling — the mural connected with me differently, and I shot some photos and videos to remember this moment. It was definitely an inspiring experience. As I started walking home, I found myself making a lot of pictures. Many were not very good, but it was fun. Go off the beaten path and reveal where in the world you are on your walk”, he says.


”Walking is also considered to be a clear example of a sustainable mode of transport, especially suited for urban use and/or relatively shorter distances”


About the submitted photograph
There has been a recent focus among urban planners in some communities to create pedestrian-friendly areas and roads, allowing commuting, shopping and recreation to be done on foot. The concept of walkability has arisen as a measure of the degree to which an area is friendly to walking. Some communities are at least partially car-free, making them particularly supportive of walking and other modes of transportation. In the United States, the active living network is an example of a concerted effort to develop communities more friendly to walking and other physical activities.

”- Many people enjoy walking as a recreation in the mainly urban modern world, and it is one of the best forms of exercise. For some, walking is a way to enjoy nature and the outdoors and for others the physical, sporting and endurance aspect is more important”,
the photographer Kristian Bertel says.


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