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Nat Geo Assignment: Close Encounters - Kristian Bertel
Ghodapdeo, India is submitted to ‘Close Encounters’ on National Geographic.



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Kristian Bertel has contributed to the National Geographic Your Shot community with an assignment called ‘Close Encounters’. Inspired from an idea by Subhojit Dutta, a Your Shot photographer and curated by Kristen McNicholas , an associate photo editor at Nat Geo Your Shot and Matt Adams, a senior producer at the same place, are asking us to let us reach closer to the people, places we put in front of our camera.

Up close with photography on National Geographic
As Subhojit is saying it: ”- Focus close on details, get to know the location the subject is in, and try to have your own close encounter. Explore the soul of the subject in their very own environment. Make sure you are including in your caption information about the person, place, animal or item we are looking at and how you got close to this subject”, he says.


”I was simply amazed by the look of this elderly man which crossed by me in the Ghodapdeo area of Mumbai, India. His eyes were very light and was looking down while he was walking on one of the main streets of Ghodapdeo. An area that mainly consists of the labor class population and where a wide range of industrial units and individual factories are scattered all over the neighborhood”


Portrait photography
There are essentially four approaches that can be taken in photographic portraiture, which are the constructionist, environmental, candid and creative approach. Each has been used over time for different reasons be they technical, artistic or cultural. The constructionist approach is when the photographer in their portraiture constructs an idea around the portrait like a happy family and a romantic couple. It is the approach used in most studio and social photography. It is also used extensively in advertising and marketing when an idea has to be put across.

The environmental approach depicts the subject in their environment be that a work, leisure, social or family one. They are often shown as doing something, a street beggar in a street, a begging mother with, a child in a playground. With the environmental approach more is revealed about the subject. Environmental pictures can have good historical and social significance as primary sources of information. The candid approach is where people are photographed in India without their knowledge going about their daily business and this type of photography has given the world superb and important images of people in various situations and places over the last century in the world.

”- Street photography can focus on people and their behavior in public, thereby also recording people’s history and life”, the photographer Kristian Bertel says.


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