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Nat Geo Assignment: Anticipate the Moment - Kristian Bertel
Bus junction, India submitted to ‘Anticipate the Moment’ on National Geographic.


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Kristian Bertel has contributed to the National Geographic Your Shot photo community with an assignment called ‘Anticipate the Moment‘.

The photo assignment curated by David Y. Lee, a photo editor at National Geographic Your Shot is asking us to anticipate the moment that happening in front of our cameras.

As David is saying it: ”- Every good shot captures a unique moment in time to tell a story. Sometimes you have to chase those moments, and sometimes you have to wait a while… The one thing that matters is timing. That fraction of a second is the difference between a great storytelling moment and an average image. Timing requires patience. You learn to watch and wait and shoot and develop a sense of timing. ‘Chasing moments’ is really about the art of observation. In photography, ‘chasing’ means paying attention—mentally slowing down and being able to anticipate when that decisive moment will appear. I encourage you to slow down and be patient. Allow for the moment in front of you to unfold. Be ready with your camera. Make your own luck through observation”, he says.

When the moment in photography is happening
Another thing we should remember when taking photographs is to be aware when the moment is happening in front of our camera, where we should work the situation. Keep taking pictures and move around and we should not look at the back of our cameras and review our photos. Because while we are doing this, we are missing the moments in front of our cameras. We should wait until the photographic moment has finished.


”Waiting moment at a bus station in India is in the photographer’s submitted photograph. Bus junctions and bus stations are structures where city or intercity buses stop to pick up and drop off passengers. While the term bus depot also refers to a bus station, it can also refer to a bus garage. A bus station is larger than a bus stop, which is usually simply a place on the roadside, where buses can stop and it may be intended as a terminal station for a number of routes, or as a transfer station where the routes continue”


About the photograph
Kristian Bertel participated with one of his photos from India, which depicts a waiting bus passenger in Nashik. A city is also known in India as a landing city for traveling to Shirdi and Trambakeshwar which hosts one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and it is believed that during ancient times, during transportation, the drops of Amrit fell into the Brahma-Kund at Trambakeshwar and this makes it one of the most popular religious travel destinations of India. Nashik is also known as a transit station for devotees going to Shirdi, residence of Sai Baba around ninety kilometres from Nashik.

“- Marathi is the official language of the city. This is the most common language spoken on the streets, but Hindi is widely understood and spoken and English is understood by many people. Spoken Marathi has many dialects and you may find it difficult sometimes”,
Kristian Bertel says.


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