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Nat Geo Assignment: A Culinary Expedition Around the World - Kristian Bertel
Coconut seller, India submitted to ‘A Culinary Expedition Around the World’ on Nat Geo.


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Kristian Bertel has contributed to the National Geographic Your Shot photo community with an assignment called ‘A Culinary Expedition Around the World‘. Curated by David Y. Lee, a producer at Nat Geo Your Shot, he wants to meet with local people around the globe in our photos to learn about the cultures, dishes and flavors unique to each location. Every ingredient he harvests and dish he tastes will inspire a new recipe from scratch, created to represent the heart of that culture.

As David is saying it: ” – For this assignment, I want to see the foods that you are eating at home as well as what you eat during your travels. Do not just submit snapshots of your meals. I encourage you to make beautiful photos by following the light, observing your composition, and documenting the foods being eaten”, he says.


”We should not just look at the food itself but think about the situation and culture around the meal. Who we are with and where we are and how does the food represent the heart of that culture. In our caption we should describe the foods we are photographing and the stories behind them. Maybe this is a recipe passed down generation to generation or maybe it is one of our favorite meals”


Coconut seller in Mumbai, India
The contributing photographer Kristian Bertel came across the street scene of a coconut salesman or seller in Mumbai, India, when he traveled to the state of Maharashtra in the latest journey to the subcontinent. The coconut seller in this photograph is portrayed in the Chor Bazaar area of Mumbai, India. The coconut is known for its great versatility as seen in the many uses of its different parts and found throughout the tropics and subtropics. Coconuts are part of the daily diets of many people. Coconuts are known for their versatility of uses, ranging from food to cosmetics. The inner flesh of the mature seed, as well as the coconut milk extracted from it, forms a regular part of the diets of many people in the tropics and subtropics. Coconuts are distinct from other fruits because their endosperm contains a large quantity of clear liquid called ‘Coconut water’ or ‘Coconut juice’.

”- National Geographic wanted the participating photographers to think about what the theme ‘Culinary’ means to us, that we should compose our images so that everything present within the frame of something culinary”, the photographer Kristian Bertel says.


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